About Us

StrawberryDaze was created by a mother and daughter who wanted a way to express their passion for babies and love for each other.

Jennifer (mom) has had an entrepreneurial spirit for as long as she can remember and she always wanted to create a business that would not only help her family financially, but to do something that would allow her to share her passions with her daughter and teach her how to follow her bliss and become a strong business woman. As a mom, she has devoted her life to having moments of joy and laughter with her children, knowing that time is fleeting and that one day they would be grown-up and these StrawberryDaze full of endless imaginations; snuggling with their little heads nestled into her neck, dirty spaghetti faces & tea time with imaginary friends would one day come to an end.

Her hope is to help remind all families in their day-to-day hustle and bustle of life to slow down and soak in every moment with each other; the good, the bad and not so ugly.

Alayna (daughter - 12 yrs old) has a great imagination, a creative spirit and wonderfully huge heart. She has taught Jennifer the true meaning of love, acceptance and joy! She is loyal to all of her friends and family, and loves, Loves, LOVES babies! Her passion started before she could even say the word baby! As a little one, she would spend hours and hours playing with her babies; each one had a name and they came to life while she dressed them, fed them, took them for walks, discussed life lessons and made sure that they all understood that older brothers would never understand the bond between mommies and babies.

One day, they were brainstorming together about a way to share their passions with each other, and they wanted to build something that would help others live life to the fullest too, becoming a reminder to others that we are here to celebrate, each other and the gift of life.

StrawberryDaze came to life to help create lasting memories, enhance playtime, and to emphasize how precious our little one's are. We hope to one day become a household name, with our mission that playtime should never end, our differences should always be supported and families should always be first!

StrawberryDaze is committed to helping families & children in need to live better lives, so with each purchase we donate 6% of our profits to selected charities, such as:

  • Project Linus (www.projectlinus.org)
  • Parents As Teachers (http://parentsasteachers.org/)
  • I Have a Dream Foundation (http://www.ihad.org/)
  • SOS Children's Villages (http://www.sos-usa.org/) 
  • Newborns in Need (http://www.newbornsinneed.org/)

Thank you for your support! We wish you and your family the very best and hope you may have as many StrawberryDaze with your little ones as humanly possible!