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Forehead Thermometer LCD Monitor Stickers 3 PCS

Forehead Thermometer LCD Monitor Stickers 3 PCS

Product Description: 

  • Baby forehead thermometer
  • safe and convenient
  • baby can quietly measure body temperature
  • Can be reused
  • Safe to use Safe and non-toxic

Item Details:

  • Specifications: Packing size 13.5*9.5CM, all products are 3.5*3CM
  •  Material: TPE+ special material
  • Temperature measurement range: 36.5 degrees Celsius - 40.5 degrees Celsius

Display Description:

  1. Full black does not show, there is no number, this situation indicates that more than 40 degrees or less than 37 degrees,
  2. Shows the letter N, indicating normal body temperature
  3. The digital display is green, the current body temperature
  4. The digital display is red, the current body temperature = display temperature -0.5 

Film blister card packaging to ensure the safety of transportation

Special note: All thermometers sold in our shop. Can not do medical basis, as long as the temperature can be displayed, are shown as normal products, if there is a fever, please seek medical attention immediately.

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